The Smuts House Museum

Request for donations

Despite being declared a National Monument, the site has received no government support, and the Foundation has no trust reserves, relying entirely on revenue sources to maintain the House and its grounds.

The COVID-19 lockdown has severely depleted these resources, putting the Foundation’s financial situation in jeopardy. The loss of the House would mean losing the great man’s library, which is comparable in significance to the libraries of Darwin, Churchill, and Lincoln.

To prevent this, the “Friends of Smuts House,” a group of volunteers dedicated to the preservation of the Smuts Museum through fundraising activities, urgently appeals to individuals and organizations who value General Smuts and his wife Isie’s legacy. Donations of any size would be greatly appreciated and put to good use, as would any other support you could offer. To contribute, please click on the “DONATE” tab for further details.

Additional Funding Initiatives

The General Smuts Foundation is a registered non-profit organization whose Board of Directors and Executive Committee members volunteer their time and expertise to preserve the legacy and history of General Smuts. The Foundation does not receive grants or financial support from either government or private sources.

We appeal to individuals who appreciate history to make contributions through donations, volunteering, and sponsorships. To raise awareness and increase monetary assistance, we are initiating a Patron Programme. Please download the Patron Application Form here to learn more about how you can become a patron and support the Foundation’s cause.